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The human voice has the ability to sway the strongest man or give comfort to the crying child. Music connects to the heart, often times expressing what words cannot.  Ah, but words and music together, they can transport our souls to other worlds.
- LeAnn Overton, 2013

There are few experiences in life more rewarding for me than overseeing a young singer’s progression from wide eyed freshman to confident young artist, poised on the edge of a professional career.

As a dedicated vocal coach and teacher, I strive to nurture each singer’s individual talent and instill a sense of ownership and pride. I attend to the details of the given: pitch, rhythm, diction, style, while provoking a vivid sense of creative play.

While I have expanded my skill set from keyboard to conducting and directing, my goal has remained the same: to empower the singer through a solid technique so that he/she will develop the tools and self assurance needed to fully express the text and music in compelling performance.

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